My Hot Take:

  • Although it hasn't been confirmed, it must have taken a lot of money for Mixer (owned by Microsoft) to lure Ninja away from Twitch.
  • Mixer has a ton of great features to engage viewers and help streamers monetize, however, the current challenge is that there isn't much content or other popular streamers to watch on Mixer to convince most gamers to keep the app installed on their device.
  • Ninja will most likely get a bump in viewership for the next few weeks before it begins to decline.
  • This may force Twitch to rethink how they work with current big name and up-and-coming streamers moving forward.
  • With Ninja no longer taking a big chunk of Twitch viewership, this will help Twitch viewers discover and subscribe to new streamers.

The following was curated from the Esports Talk YouTube channel where they do a great job outlining the deal in 3.5 minutes.

Esports Talk

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